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(The Catnap Inn Owner, Sidney Adams & Kenya)

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Meet The Owner

From The Desk of Sidney Adams
at The Catnap Inn ~

It seems to me animals are one of God’s greatest gifts for us to care for and enjoy. I have had years of professional experience training dogs and horses, but I am truly in awe of the intelligence and gracefulness of the cat.

Kenya, our Bengal Cat, is the "King of Our Jungle". He shares his home with me, my husband, an African Grey Congo Bird named Lucy, and Joey, a Registered Therapy Dog.

We know that there are other people like us who love their cats and want to provide quality care for them while away from home, so we decided to build The Catnap Inn at our residence in Wilsonville, Oregon. Part of our house has been reconstructed to provide a luxurious home away from home for your feline friend. In designing the suites, we asked several cat fanciers what they would like in a feline bed and breakfast for their cats. One of our goals has been to build and furnish a cat boarding facility that we would want for our own cat.

We are ready to welcome your cat, as our special guest, to The Catnap Inn and provide the highest quality care. Upon leaving your precious kitty with us you can relax and enjoy your travels because, it is our commitment to give your cat a safe, fun filled vacation of their own at The Catnap Inn.


Kenya, the Bengal Cat, is here to greet you.



Please feel free to call with any questions,
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